Understanding Plants & Plant Medicine (Download)


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The millennial age has brought a renewed interest in using psychoactive plants for therapeutic purposes. This two-hour lecture with Isa Gucciardi is designed for those who are working with, considering working with, or simply interested in learning more about psychoactive plants. Dr. Gucciardi discusses different kinds of plants, such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushrooms, San Pedro, and Iboga, practices and settings for working with plants, and how to effectively integrate the experience with plant medicine.

This lecture is part of the Psychedelic Integration series presented by Embodied Philosophy—a six-part series wherein researchers, psychotherapists and psychedelic facilitators come together to discuss the research around psychedelics and integrative practices that harness changes to the brain and nervous system in the wake of psychedelic experience.

Included in this download:

(1) Video lecture (121:11)
(1) Audio-only lecture (121:11)

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