Home Learning – Linn (Download)


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Home Learning’s latest ambient release, Linn, is available for purchase exclusively through the Sacred Stream Store. Songs from the album also appear in this month’s Sacred Stream Radio Podcast episode with guest Spring Washam. This download contains both audiophile FLAC and standard MP3 files for your listening pleasure. Run time is 52:04.

Track Listing:

1. Linn
2. Tsukin
3. Two Eyes, One Mind
4. Concealed Approaches
5. Falling Actions
6. Scanning Complete

About Home Learning
Home Learning is a long distance collaboration between Tom Schmidlin (Pagination) of Bentonville, Arkansas and Edmund Osterman (Screener) of Covington, Kentucky. The two use synthesizers, guitars, and an array of effects pedals to form a bridge between space and time, connecting overlapping ambient passages into cohesive tracks that ebb and flow with their own lunar tide. Their music has been released in the U.S. by the Past Inside the Present affiliate Healing Sound Propagandist and has appeared on compilations by the UK label Neotantra.