The Alchemy of Enlightenment: The Five Wisdoms

The Alchemy of Enlightenment: The Five Wisdoms

In this class, we discover the spirit of enlightenment in one of the most unlikely places: in the heart of negativity. We will work with the alchemical processes of the transmutation of the five poisons into the five wisdoms of Vajrayana Buddhism to learn how negative emotions such as anger and pride can be transmuted into different types of wisdom. This is a highly experiential class which promises to provide you with insights not only about yourself but also about the more advanced meditational practices of Vajrayana Buddhism. Please plan to spend between one and three hours of meditation practice between classes.

This course will:

• Give you new tools for working with challenging emotions.
• Give you a stronger understanding of Vajrayana Buddhism.
• Help you understand the relationship between duality and non-duality in a new way.

You will find this workshop especially beneficial if you:

• Are looking for new insights about the inner workings of your emotional life.
• Would like to take your meditation practice to a new level.
• Would like to expand your spiritual practice.


Applied Buddhist Psychology 1: Entering the Stream, Applied Buddhist Psychology 2: The Enlightened Mind, and The Psychology of the Bodhisattva. All of these courses may be audited at any time.

Workshop Details:

Tuition: $475
Workshop Format: This is offered as a Distance Learning course.

“Thank you for this class! I asked for more advanced practices for buddhism and here they are!”Vinitha W.
“I love the way this class shows how one concept flows in or out of another. It brought forward the interrelationships between concepts and solidified understanding with practice.”Joanne P.

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