Advanced Training in Plant Medicine

Advanced Training in Plant Medicine

This workshop is designed to help people ground and integrate the insights that often come through the experiences of ingesting psychotropic plants. Students will learn about the nature of plant intelligence and how shamanic practitioners have worked with this intelligence in different cultural and ecological settings for millennia. They will learn to work with the insights that psychotropic plants have to offer in the modern context, how to properly hold space for the experience, and how to deal with negative experiences that may arise. Upon completion of this training, practitioners will have greater ability and confidence to engage in the enriching work that plant medicine offers.

This training is for those who work with people in a clinical, alternative counseling, or shamanic setting and would like to develop more tools for helping their clients who are engaging with psychoactive plants for therapeutic purposes. This workshop is also for people who are not clinicians, but are interested in gaining more insight into their own work with plant medicine. This 20-hour training is offered as part of our Distance Learning Program.

Students will learn:

• How to investigate and understand different types of altered states in the clinical setting
• How to begin to approach the intelligence of plants in a respectful way
• How to discover the meaning of experiences with psychotropic plants and other hallucinogens
• How to recognize imbalances caused by injudicious use of psychotropic plants and other hallucinogens and how to offer effective antidotes to those imbalances
• How to recognize different levels of hallucinogenic experience
• How to help your clients safely expand their definitions of self and reality that psychotropic plants reveal

Required Prerequisites:

Plant Medicine: Preparing and Integrating the Experience
Advanced Applied Shamanism

Note: Additional coursework is required for students seeking a Certificate in Plant Medicine Integration through the Circle of Shamanic Practitioners.

Workshop Details:

Tuition: $995
Workshop Format: This is offered as a Distance Learning course.
This workshop is offered through the Circle of Shamanic Practitioners.

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