Podcast: Episode 96: Barbara Higbie: Presence

Podcast: Episode 96: Barbara Higbie: Presence

February 18, 2023

On this edition of the podcast, we are excited to welcome back the prolific recording artist, Barbara Higbie. Barbara is a Grammy-nominated, Bammy award-winning composer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has just released her latest album, Presence, the third in a trilogy of recordings alongside Resonance and Murmuration. In this inspiring conversation, Barbara talks about the creative process, the distinctly nurturing feminine quality of her work, and her thoughts on music and healing.

Barbara has 17 recordings to her credit as well as contributions to 10 compilations that have sold in the millions. She has performed on more than 100 albums, including Carlos Santana’s 2007 release. She was the first woman signed to Windham Hill records, and was part of the chart-topping band, Montreux. Barbara has also released recordings with Olivia Records and her own Slow Baby Records.

Barbara was the first ever Artist in Residence at the prestigious west coast Jazz Club, Yoshi’s, where she created two new bands. Roots music’s Hills to Hollers with icons Linda Tillery and Laurie Lewis, and the exotic Cello Heaven with cellists Joan Jeanreneau of Kronos Quartet fame and new age star Jami Sieber. She also put together the popular annual Windham Hill Solstice tour, which features a variety of Windham Hill artists including Dave Ackerman, Liz Story, and Lisa Lynne to name a few. She tours nationally and internationally with her own work and many other popular artists. To learn more about Barbara, purchase her music, or find out about upcoming concerts, visit barbarahigbie.com.