Spiritual Evolution and the Cycles of Time

Spiritual Evolution and the Cycles of Time

This class will help provide a larger context for the challenges we are facing on a personal and collective level during these complex times. We are living in times that fill us with dread one moment and offer the possibility of profound growth the next. How do we find our footing in this complexity? In order to answer this question for ourselves personally, it is helpful to understand the larger context of the era we are living in on a collective level. In this class, we will explore the cycles of time that have always guided life on the earth. We will explore the concept of the Yugas from Vedic philosophy and the prophesies and philosophies about the cycles of spiritual evolution from the Mayan, Hopi and other indigenous traditions. We will examine our deepest responses to the ecological, political, and social crises we are confronting and try to discern where they place us within these evolutionary cycles. We will also learn how we can hold both perspectives at once so that we can make informed decisions in navigating the challenges of the current moment with clarity and courage.

This workshop will:

• Offer you insight on the larger cycles of time and experience that influence human life
• Help you understand how other cultures and traditions have understood these larger cycles of time
• Understand how personal spiritual development is related to larger evolutionary cycles

You will find this series especially beneficial if you:

• Find yourself confused or disoriented by the ecological and social challenges confronting us today
• Are looking for a larger perspective to help you understand your own experience and the experience of those around you
• Are looking for new tools to help you navigate the complexities of the current time

Workshop Details:

Tuition: $195
Workshop Format: This is offered both as an in-person course and as a Distance Learning course. This class is also part of our On-Demand class series, which allows you to audit this course when you choose.

“This class helped me come out of a spiral of grief I have been in about the state of the world.”Alex Y.

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Spiritual Evolution and the Cycles of Time (Hybrid)
Distance Learning, Berkeley , California

Sat, September 14, 2024
11:30 am - 1:30 pm