The Creative Portal

The Creative Portal

This course is for creative people of every sort. It promises to help you better understand the power of your art and the important task you have in serving the creative flow that arises within you. The only prerequisite is a desire to understand the creative impulse better.

This workshop will help you understand:

• The nature of the creative portal.
• How to open a creative portal.
• The requirements of the portal on the artist.

You will find this workshop especially beneficial if you:

• Want to understand the sources of your creativity better
• Want to understand how to manage your creative flow more effectively
• Want to learn to recognize and address creative blocks better

Workshop Details:

Tuition: $195
Workshop Format: This is offered as a Distance Learning course. This class is also part of our On-Demand class series, which allows you to audit this course when you choose.

“I learn so much about myself and life from Isa’s classes. I took The Creative Portal to help release a writing block. I discovered that my whole life is a creative endeavor and how to think differently about art, life, and obstacles.”Christine T.
“This is a sleeper class that you take, but don’t really know why you’re taking it and then realize how much you really needed to take it.”Elizabeth H.

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