Working with the Weather Spirits and the Elements

Working with the Weather Spirits and the Elements

The primary goal in all shamanic practice is to bring the affairs of humans into balance with the affairs of nature. When human activity creates imbalances in the natural world, there is work to be done to correct these imbalances. This class offers you practices for more deeply aligning yourself with the forces of nature and offers tools to help restore balance to the places in nature that have been negatively affected by human activity. Special focus will be on understanding effective ways of working non-locally with guidance, working with the five elements of water, air, fire, earth and space, understanding the role of weather spirits, and the role of ritual and ceremony in creating effective strategies for change. After attending this class, you will be able to work with advanced shamanic practices to positively affect issues such as climate change, water and soil pollution, deforestation, and chemical contamination.

This course will:

• Help you understand the usually hidden relationships in the natural world.
• Help you understand the nature of the five elements more fully.
• Give you the opportunity to work at an advanced level of practice for the common good.

You will find this workshop especially beneficial if you:

• Wish to offer assistance to the natural world.
• Wish to participate in offering an effective antidote to the current war on the natural world that exists today.
• Wish to participate fully and deeply with the unseen forces of the natural world to create healing and bring balance.


Advanced Applied Shamanism

Workshop Details:

Tuition: $295
Workshop Format: This is offered both as an in-person course and as a Distance Learning course.
This workshop is offered through the Circle of Shamanic Practitioners.
Note: Graduates of Circles for the Earth meet quarterly to ground the work of the community and do more intensive work on the issues that the general circle focuses on. This class can be taken year round by contacting

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Event Date/Time
Working with the Weather Spirits and the Elements (Hybrid)
Distance Learning, Berkeley , California

Sun, December 8, 2024
9:00 am - 12:00 pm