Empowered Living Workshops

Empowered Living Workshops





“Exhausting, exhilarating, challenging and incredibly profound in content and experience.”Renee M.

Conscious Parenting
The Conscious Parenting workshop is designed to help you navigate parenting mindfully and with greater intention and ease.

Mindful Leadership: Leading with the Heart and Mind
Develop your natural leadership skills with acclaimed executive coach, Hal Adler.

Relationship and Karma
Understand and resolve outworn relationship habits and relate to others with more freedom and consciousness.

Relationship and Power
Improve your relationships by understanding and transforming patterns around how you use personal power.

Coming to Peace: The Inner Self
Resolve internal conflicts and be at peace with yourself and others.

Coming to Peace: Conflict Resolution Techniques
Learn to manage the conflict resolution process of Coming to Peace, and how to create the kind of environment where conflict and interpersonal communication can be managed skillfully in the workplace.

Grief and Loss
Explore the insights and transformational potential provided by the emotional landscapes we are thrown into when we grieve.

Initiations of the Sacred Feminine
Explore your life path as a woman in an empowered and connected way.

The Path of Service
Master the essential inner work that makes it possible to serve or care for others effectively and stay in balance.

Tracking Spirit in the Birth Environment: The Creative Portal
Reconnect with the important elements of power that are found in the deeper mysteries of the birth experience.

Working with Dreams
Learn to use the content of dreams as a way to access inner guidance and the deeper self.

Next Steps in Dream Work
Deepen your experience with dream interpretation and learn tips for applying insights from your dreams into your everyday life.

Worlds Beyond Death
Live a more conscious and courageous life and prepare for a more conscious and courageous death.

Art and Spirit
In this workshop, students will explore the deeper aspects of what drives them to create and address any blocks to living an artful life.

Circles for the Earth
Circles for the Earth is a monthly non-denominational circle focused on healing natural places that have been polluted, contaminated, or are experiencing the effects of climate change.

Drum Circles
Our drum circles are held four times a year on the solstices and equinoxes. The focus of our circles is on healing for individuals, the community, and the earth.